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Help Melanie C with LaTV

Ok this tv show that comes out in California shows alot of independed labels or bands that want some air time and i called last night they told me they would play Melanie C new video if they is A BIG demand on it and they will play it alot of people watch this tv channel cuz its cheap but FUN......and if people watch this it could help melanie c out....with new Los Angeles fans! check out the page: http://www.latv.com/show_latvlive.asp

Well you could send a e-mail to:

latvlive@latv.com (and request Next Best Superstar)

Hope you guys send it your request it will be fun to see Melanie up on the tv.....
Even if you live in the uk or some other state send in you request!!!!!

Hope you guys make a request and they add her to the show!!!
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