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it made my day

so today i went to virgin megastore with my friends.. and out of curiosity i asked a girl that worked there if she had melanie c's new album beautiful intentions.. i was thinking [yeah right..] and she checked the computer and she said.. yes, we have it.

my heart dropped. i couldn't believe it. i got so excited because i thought that this last album was not released in the US. something like that happened to me with her second album. it wasn't released in the US so i had to buy it online.. but when i took the beautiful intentions cd and kissed it [no joke] and i bought it. i was so happy to have it because i heard that the sales of this amazing album were bad. i don't know why? out of her 3 cds i think this one is the best! i love the style and the lyrics.. i don't understand why people don't feel it. i guess it's only me. best work of mel ever!

so yeah.. i felt like sharing <3
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